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2024 World TCM & Acupuncture Week: Day 4–Presentation Sessions in English


Vancouver, BC: Tue,June 18 温哥华6月18日 周二

Beijing: Wed,June 19 北京 6月 19日 周三

Sydney, Australia: Wed,June 19 悉尼 6月19日 周三

主持人/Host :Chan Vienna陈藿呈 Tao Xu 徐涛 Ronggang Li李荣刚



(一)Chan Hei Kwan, Grace,MD

Topic: How Traditional Chinese Medicine Advantages

Have Been Used To Fight Against Covid-19


2016 – 2020 Hong Kong Chinese University – Full time Master in

Chinese Medicine

2014 –2016 Baptist University – Diploma in Acupuncture (trained 502 hrs)

2005 – 2012 University of South Australia – Bachelor in

Communications & Media Mgnt

1999 – 2003 Baptist University – Diploma in Business Management

1996-1997 Hong Kong University – Certificate in Legal Studies(1-year course)


2011 Insurance Agents Registration Board – Insurance License

2011 ERB – Foundation Certificate in Post-natal Care Worker Training(152 hrs)

2010 HK Federation of Trade Unions – Certificate in Beautician Level 1

Chiense Medicine Practitioner Experience:


Topic: Self Care According to Time of the Year


Backed by 7 years of dedicated study, 5 years of independent patient care, and 1.5 years of hospital internship, I possess an extensive TCM background. I have read numerous classical readings, and I have treated various patients using acupuncture or herbal medicine. Sometimes I get cancer patients admissions or patients with rare diseases as well. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and making people healthier and happier.


R.TCM.P – Timecure Clinic Coquitlam. 02/2024-current

S.R.TCM.P – Wui King Herbal Shop Vancouver 03/2024-current


Publicity Member – Young Acupuncturist Association of America Online, the US 01/2023 – current

Participated in various academic lectures.

Joined the Publicity team and helped in promoting contents.

Independent Practitioner

Online/Hong Kong/Guangzhou/Zhenjiang, China 01/2019 – current

Treating patients with acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Social Media Influencer – Wechat Public Acc, Xiaohongshu, Instagram Online 12/2019 – current

Authored in-depth articles on WeChat public account, covering TCM fundamentals, clinical skills and case studies, parenting advice, study methods. (Followers: 2.5k+)

Utilized Xiaohongshu and Instagram to visually promote acupuncture and herbal medicine. (Followers: 4k+)

Established vibrant WeChat and Xiaohongshu groups, nurturing TCM learning communities. (Members: 600+)

Organized webinars to teach wholistic medicine.

Intern – Affiliated Hospitals of GZUCM Guangzhou, China 01/2022 – 04/2023

Diagnosed and treated patients independently.

Documented treatments for resident doctors.

Cases examples: lumbar spinal stenosis, constipation after surgery, kidney cysts, etc.

Writer and Editor – The Chinese Medicine Promotion Society Hong Kong 10/2017 – 12/2018 Prepared, wrote, reviewed, and edited articles on acupuncture. Determined readiness and approved final versions for publication.


Clinical proficiency

TCM classical reading skills


Herbal medicine

Curriculum development

Writing skills and illustration skills

Active listening

Attentive Observing

Photography and video editing


Bachelor of Chinese Medicine 。The Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong 07/2023


2017-2018, 2918-2019, 2019-2020, 2022-2023 Dean’s List, Master’s List

2018-2019 Min Sun Wong Scholarship

2018-2019 Yee Yee Tong BCM Merchants Scholarship

2020-2021 Hoitin Concent CHI Herbs Scholarship

2022-2023 Hoitin Concent CHI Herbs Scholarship SOCIAL MEDIA

Instagram: fairy.herbalist

Instagram: shang.tcm Wechat public acc: 医仙小馆

(三) Dr. Lilibeth Warby

Topic:”Chinese medicine made easy” – lifestyle tips and tricks for the common lay person

Registered & Insured Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Currently practicing in Orange & Young NSW Australia

Qualification – Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture) 2017

Graduated from Endeavour College of Natural Health, Sydney

Registered member of AHPRA & AACMA

(四)Prof.Dr.CUI yongqiang MD

Topic: Stress as a trigger- Today’s Science-backed TCM on ilness and wellness

A WHO consultant in Traditional medicine programs in 2005, 2009

An accomplished physician of integrative medicine at the nation’s very best research hospital

An author of two bestselling medical monographs in English for two decades A popular lecturer and coach to learners of TCM at home and abroad

TCM LED Talk – a weekly talk program

-Let’s Explore and Discover(LED) Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM)

China’s first TCM package program for international medical tourists

TCM Qi Meditation theory based on Stress as Trigger

Beijing Annual International TCM Nursing Seminar and Field Study

World first TCM English-speaking Helpline

崔永强 主任医师 中国中医科学院广安门医院, 北京中医药国际服务指导与评价中心主任,北京中医国际医疗旅游研究中心主任




美国国立卫生研究院NIH/NCI 肿瘤合作项目首次启动受邀专家

科技部 2019 年度国际合作项目指南编写唯一中医专家


瑞士全民公投 (中医) 后政府卫生部门咨询专家


25年前在欧美首创中医托福考试及针灸资格认证, 30年前最先出 版《中国针灸水平测试》及《中国传统耳针》两部英文专着并多 次再版至今



全球唯一以“ 中医护理 ”为主题的国际年会负责

北京文旅委在全球战略伙伴活动上和冬奥项目一起推出的百媚新 中医创始及主讲人

研究各国传统医学近十年, 创立“压力是发物 ”及“气念减压 ” 新理念

(五)Dai Yunkai PhD

Topic: Introduction to acupuncture and moxibustion for weight loss

Dai Yunkai, male, was born in November 1990. He graduated from the Spleen and Stomach Research Institute of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine for his master’s and doctoral degrees, and is a postdoctoral fellow at the Liver Disease Research Institute of Shuguang Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine and an assistant researcher. During his postgraduate study, he won the “National Scholarship” for 3 times, the “Second Prize of the Pioneer Young Scholars Forum of the National Spleen and Stomach Diseases Academic Week” for 1 time, the “Outstanding Student in Guangdong Province” for 1 time, and the “Outstanding Graduate” for 2 times. So far, he has publicly published 10 SCI papers as the first author (with a cumulative IF of 40.173, and 4 papers with IF > 5). As the project leader, he has presided over 2 national-level scientific research projects, 1 provincial-level project, and 2 hospital-level projects.


(六)Yunzhan Zhang Ph.D

Topic: The origin and development of Chinese medicine

Tea drinks

Yunzhan Zhang Ph.D, Visiting scholar, University of Maryland School of Medicine. Physician of traditional Chinese medicine, The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University (Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine); Secretary of Inheritance Studio of Zhejiang Province Famous Old Chinese Medicine Expert Tang Jun.; Secretary of Science Popularization Branch of Zhejiang Association of Chinese Medicine. Learning from Professor Ling Hu, a famous Physician of TCM in Guangdong province; specializing in treating internal common and difficult diseases with health concept of TCM, especially in chronic pharyngitis, gastroesophageal reflux disease, chronic atrophic gastritis, functional dyspepsia, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, chronic diarrhea, insomnia, consumptive disease, night sweat, vertigo, menopausal syndrome etc; Participated in nine national, provincial and university-level projects; Published more than ten journal papers; and participated in editing two books.

张云展 医学博士, 马里兰大学医学院访问学者。现任浙江中医药大学附属第一医院(浙江省中医院)中医内科医师,浙江省汤军名老中医专家传承工作室秘书,浙江省中医药学会科普分会秘书。师从广东省名中医胡玲教授,擅长运用中医养生理念诊治临床常见内科疾病,特别是慢性咽炎、胃食管反流病、慢性萎缩性胃炎、功能性消化不良、肠易激综合征、便秘、慢性泄泻、失眠、虚劳、盗汗、眩晕、更年期综合征等病。参与国家、省部及校级课题9项,发表期刊论文十余篇,参编着作2部。



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